All of our products are designed and made exclusively by us, in our home studios in Victoria B.C. Our creations are sewn primarily with upcycled/recycled or organic materials, which helps to support and encourage eco-friendly living, and gives families the opportunity to make earth-happy choices! A lot of time and care goes into the creation of each piece – from hunting for materials, to selecting colour combinations, designing specific appliqués and choosing thread colours. The result is the creation of beautiful and unique treasures!

Caring for your banbutsu Products


Prior to being transformed into a banbutsu piece our found and organic materials are machine washed in a hot-cycle using eco-friendly detergent and dried in the dryer. Each banbutsu piece is then created using an industrial serger. 


Washing Recommendations: 

We recommend all banbutsu products be machine washed in cold water on gentle. 


Drying Recommendations:

We recommend all wool and wool blend pieces, including cotton lined wool blankets, be laid flat to dry to avoid warping and shrinkage. Organic cotton blankets may be tumble dried on low.