Fun, comfortable, and practical – these are the perfect pants for keeping your little one cozy and happy! These pants come in all shapes and sizes (just as little people do, as well!), so be sure to keep that in mind when choosing a pair – tall and thin, flared bottoms, high or low –waisted…. Made from upcycled sweaters, our pants also come in many different knits and thicknesses, from soft thinner wools/wool blends and cashmeres, which are lovley to wear all day long, to thick wool which is great for cloth diaper users, or as ‘outer’ wear for older ones on damp, cool days at the park or beach. Each pair is professionally serged and finished with one of our appliques, making  each pair special and one-of-a-kind!

Floods or

Our pants are not only great full-length, they're also cute when worn a bit shorter as flood pants, capris or bloomers. Especially sweet with leg-warmers or boots!

Woolly Pants